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Frequency – twice a year                                 Issue #178                                             June, 2023


Our Big Summer Sale is now on – Buy 3, get 1 free.  Ends 8/31/23.

The big news this month is that our summer sale is on.  Buy 3 DVD’s and get 1 free.  Two or three DVD sets count as one.  There is no restriction on the cost of the free DVD, so this can be quite a deal.  The most expensive DVD is free!  Order as many times or as many programs as you would like.  This 4 for 3 sale ends 8/31/23.  Other discount offers cannot be used with this sale.  This is your best opportunity to replace your favorite VHS tapes with DVD’s or buy early Christmas presents!  We have 321 programs available in DVD.  This is the only newsletter that will announce this sale!



Again no new programs.  My wife had one knee replacement on March 20th and will have her second on June 5th.  She is slowly getting her agility back and is using a cane and walker to get around.  I would still like to do more videotaping but this is looking less and less likely.  When she is fully recovered I may be getting one of my knees replaced depending on the timing.  We have four grandkids playing sports right now – two here in New Hampshire and two in Illinois.  I hope to be able to see their games in person as much as I can.  We have an 8th grader who is on the varsity baseball team at a small high school nearby.  Their second season – the state tournament - is about to begin.  And then we have 12 other grandkids and one great grandson to keep track of.  We hope that all of you are safe and sound.  Our next newsletter will be around December first of 2023.  Railfan Depot in Indianapolis is now carrying some of our DVDs.


No other train video producer shows and explains railroading like we do and our catalogue includes programs on fallen flags ATSF, SP, BN, CNW,  IC, Wisconsin Central, and Conrail.  We almost always show the whole train and most of our videos show all of the action – day and night.  Our newest program is “PSR on CSX’s Chicago Line in Northern Indiana”, part of our look at PSR on eastern railroads.  This is our 49th program to be released in both Blu-ray and in regular DVD.  You need to specify what type of DVD you are ordering with programs available in both DVD and Blu-ray.  All of our DVD’s have chapters and menus and around half – everything videotaped from 2004 on plus a few programs from 2003 - have a choice of being watched with narration and without narration by using the menu or audio and language buttons on your DVD player controller.  321 programs are available in DVD (49 in Blu-ray) and all are listed in the flyers.  No other train video producer shows and explains railroading like we do and our catalogue includes programs on fallen flags ATSF, BN, SP, CNW. IC, Wisconsin Central, and Conrail.  Our shipping and handling charge on orders remains $5.00 with no charge on orders over $100.  We offer year-round discounts on large orders.  See flyers for details.  These discounts are available only by mail and phone.  If you have questions and get our answering machine, please leave your name and number and we will call you back as soon as possible.  You can reach us by email at or on our webpage at


If we are able to videotape again, the focus will be on changes on the western railroads due to PSR.


                                              Dick and Barb Eisfeller