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Eastern Trunk Lines in Northwest Ohio - NS DVD

Eastern Trunk Lines in Northwest Ohio - NS DVD

For over one hundred years four separate railroads competed for passenger and freight traffic between the New York City metropolitan area and Chicago – the New York Central, Pennsylvania, Erie, and Baltimore and Ohio. Collectively these lines were known as the Eastern Trunk Lines or just Trunk Lines for short. Today there are only two Eastern Trunk Lines left – Norfolk Southern and CSX. This program shows over twenty-four hours of action in April of 2014 on one of these – the former New York Central and Lake Shore and Michigan Southern, now part of NS’s Chicago Line, in northwest Ohio between the outskirts of Toledo and Oak Harbor, twenty-three miles east of Toledo. At Oak Harbor NS’s Bellevue to Toledo line passes overhead with some trains getting onto or off of the Chicago Line there through a new connection opened right after the Conrail split. This is at a time when trains were having a difficult time getting through Chicago in part because BNSF was in a major meltdown and wasn’t always accepting trains. NS had some congestion around their system at this time, especially further west when trains got close to Chicago. This DVD is a two disk set and is two hours and 33 minutes in length. It has the option of being watched with or without narration.

Price: $40.95


  • Video Format: DVD