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UP's San Joaquin Valley main DVD

UP's San Joaquin Valley main DVD

Union Pacific’s line between Fresno and Bakersfield traverses America’s breadbasket - the southern half of California’s great Central Valley known as the San Joaquin Valley for the river that runs through it. This historic, former Southern Pacific line was once in SP’s San Joaquin Division and was part of the first rail line to connect San Francisco and Los Angeles. Part of UP’s Fresno Subdivision today, this line was once home to long blocks of Pacific Fruit Express reefers carrying all kinds of produce and SP’s pioneering piggyback trains. Today, UP’s Fresno Sub is populated mostly by lumber drags from Oregon and Washington, grain trains, and stack trains carrying all kinds of merchandise between Portland, the Bay Area, and Southern California. Perishable traffic has even made a small comeback with the two day a week Railex unit trains. With all scheduled freight trains having been taken off of the UP’s Coast Line between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the Fresno sub has seen an increase in train count in recent years. This program shows two and a half days of high speed action on UP’s table flat Fresno Subdivision between Fresno and Delano, thirty-three miles north of Bakersfield, in October of 2014. This program is 59 minutes in length and has the option of being watched with or without narration.

Price: $30.95


  • Video Format: DVD