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CN around Nakina in Northern Ontario Blu-Ray

CN around Nakina in Northern Ontario Blu-Ray

Canadian National’s Caramat Subdivision that runs across the Canadian Shield in Northern Ontario is on their transcontinental main line, part of which was built as the National Transcontinental Railway or NTR in 1911 and 1912, and with most of the rest constructed by the Canadian Northern in 1913.  The area around Nakina was then a rocky wilderness with thin soil that was spliced by peat bogs and marshes and inhabited only by Indians, trappers, and prospectors.  Nakina became a crew change and division point in 1924 after the Canadian National completed their first major construction project – a cut-off between Longlac on the former Canadian Northern main line and Nakina.  At that time Nakina could be accessed only by rail.  Today, trains no longer change crews at Nakina and the town is no longer dependent on the railroad or the pulp and paper industry as a large mill was once located near Nakina.  The town does have a small airstrip where outfitters fly hunters and fishermen to lodges and camps in the Great North.  The business on CN’s transcontinental main has grown dramatically in the past few decades as CN has eclipsed their rival Canadian Pacific to the south.  And CN has recently begun running two and a half mile long trains on this superbly engineered line.  Although many intermodal schedules have been slowed from the ‘go-go days” of 2000 when CN introduced their “need for speed” trains on fastest ever schedules between Toronto and the major cities in the West, CN puts on an incredible show with their huge trains, some with the power distributed throughout the train.  This program shows over twenty-four hours of action on CN’s Caramat subdivision around Nakina, 250 miles northeast of Thunder Bay as the crow flies, in October of 2015.   This DVD is 59 minutes in length and can be watched with or without narration.

Price: $30.95


  • Video Format: Blu-Ray