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BNSF South Texas Mains DVD

BNSF South Texas Mains DVD

This program shows at least twenty-four hours of action on all three of BNSF’s main lines into south Texas – the former Burlington-Rock Island now known as BNSF’s Houston Subdivision, videotaped south of Teague, the former Santa Fe Fort Worth to Texas main, videotaped north of Temple, and the former Santa Fe Temple to Clovis line, seen northwest of Temple.  This gives a comprehensive look at all of BNSF’s traffic lanes into and out of south Texas.  BNSF has partial directional running on these lines.  A surfeit of southbounds take the former Burlington-Rock Island line or Houston sub between Fort Worth and Houston, especially manifest trains returning empties to the Texas Gulf Coast chemical plants, while more northbound manifests than southbound ones run via Temple and the Fort Worth sub to Fort Worth and beyond.  Some Powder River Basin bound empty coal trains take the Lampasas sub to Lubbock and then north to Amarillo where they join the normal coal route to the Powder River Basin while loads take the other two lines directly to power plants located on or near them.  The same is true for grain trains with more southbound loaded ones taking the Houston sub than empties. "BNSF South Texas Mains" is a two disk set and is 2 hours and 36 minutes in length.  It can be watched with or without narration.

Price: $40.95


  • Video Format: DVD