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CSX Nashville to Louisville and Evansville Mains DVD

CSX Nashville to Louisville and Evansville Mains DVD

This program shows 24 hours of action on CSX’s Nashville to Louisville and then twenty-four hours on their Nashville to Evansville main lines.  The historic Louisville to Nashville line, now referred to as CSX’s Mainline Subdivision, was the original main line of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad.  The busier Evansville to Nashville line is today called the Henderson Subdivision and is part of CSX’s Southeast Corridor from Chicago to Florida – CSX’s busiest route from the upper Midwest to Florida via Evansville, Nashville, and Birmingham.  The videotaping on both lines was done around and just south of the cities of Portland and Springfield, Tennessee, forty-two and thirty miles north of Nashville respectively.  These lie just beyond the summits of the climb out of the Cumberland River Valley.  Both lines utilize tunnels to pierce the Highland Rim or ridge at the top of the climb up the escarpment north of Nashville although these tunnels are not accessible for photography.  To the north both lines then traverse parts of the Pennyroyal Plateau on their way to the Ohio River at Louisville and Evansville.  Both lines come together at Amqui, ten miles north of downtown Nashville where we spent twenty-four hours in 1995.  With the much longer trains of today, the trains on this program which was videotaped in April of 2019, makes for an interesting comparison to that of twenty-four years ago, thanks to Hunter Harrison’s precision scheduled railroading.  PSR has resulted in some trains being well over two miles in length with many utilizing distributed power or radio controlled slave units in the middle or on the rear of the train.  Two hours and 30 minutes in length.  Two disk set.  This DVD can be watched with or without narration.

Price: $38.95


  • Video Format: DVD