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No More Mindless Runbys
Below are the ten newest releases from Big "E" Productions in both DVD-R and VHS format.

Logbook #3

This is not a videotape.  It is a typed log of the producer's trip notes, and notes from consists and lineups, covering trips to the western U.S., Midwest, East Coast, and eastern Canada between July 1977 and August 1979.  Logbook #3 consists of 138 pages of notes, an index, and a list of abbreviations.  $29.95 plus $5 for S&H.

Price: $29.95


  • Video Format: VHS

The producer, Dick Eisfeller, and his better half, his wife Barbara at the Big Train Show in West Springfield, MA in January of 2017

New this month are two programs on the NS and CSX Northeast to Florida main lines in the Carolinas.  These are our 35th and 36th programs to be released in both Blu-ray and in regular DVD.  You need to specify what type of DVD you are ordering with programs available in both DVD and Blu-rayImportant notice:  I accidentally left about two dozen programs that were videotaped in 2004 and 2005 out of the flyers several years ago.  These DVDs are now back in the flyers and are in the first flyer page titled More Recent Releases.  All of our DVD’s have chapters and menus and the 141 newest ones – everything videotaped from 2004 on plus a few programs from 2003 - have a choice of being watched with narration and without narration by using the menu or audio and language buttons on your DVD player controller.  308 programs are available in DVD (36 in Blu-ray) and all are listed in the flyers.  No other train video producer shows and explains railroading like we do and our catalogue includes programs on fallen flags ATSF, SP, Wisconsin Central, and Conrail.  Our shipping and handling charge on repeat orders remains $5.00 with no charge on orders over $100.  We offer discounts on large orders.  See flyers for details.  These discounts are available only by mail and phone.  If you have questions and get our answering machine, please leave your name and number and we will call you back as soon as possible.  We are also on the internet at


Welcome to Big "E" Productions at All of our programs are now available in DVD format (36 in Blu-ray).  VHS is no longer available.  


 308 programs in DVD (36 of these available in Blu-ray)


2 copies of Logbooks


Our programs show the whole train

  • Most programs show all trains for 24 hours or more
  • Train symbols, origins, history, and operations covered in narration
  • No train video producer does a better job of explaining railroading than we do
  • Our programs are truly documentaries of railroading
  • Years 1992 to present

Our mission is to document the incredible changes going on in today's railroading. Our programs are aimed at customers interested in operations and fans and modelers that want to know what is truly going on in railroading and to see the whole train. We are the only train video producer who makes every effort to identify and show complete trains. Expert commentary tells about the changes in operations over the years, schedules, and what a particular train is carrying and where it is going. Most of our DVDs and videos show 24 hours of action on a particular line or at a given point. These programs give a 24 hour "look" at today's railroading that is unprecedented in the train video industry and will become more valuable as time goes on.  Our programs are documentaries that cover contemporary railroading from 1992 to the present and were shot in locations all over the United States and Canada. These DVDs and videos are not simply a collection of runbys of locomotives and a few head end cars taken at different places. We are recording history!  That is why original slogan was "No More Mindless Runbys."