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Below is a listing of all of our products. When using the search function, hold CTRL to select multiple railroads or states. Contact us directly about discounts available for dealers, stores, and historical societies.

Video Format Rail-Line State

Rochelle - Illinois Hotspot

See 24 hrs of action in the fall of 1993 at one of Illinois best known railfan hotspots.  Up to 70 CNW and BN trains hammer the diamonds at Rochelle in 24 hrs.  Railfan & Trains have featured Rochelle.  Two tape set.  2 Hours, 43 minutes.

Price: $40.95

Santa Fe's Belen Cutoff

No railroad in the world runs freight trains any faster than the Santa Fe.  And the Santa Fe's new red Warbonnet color scheme is the most colorful in railroading.  24 hours of action is shown on the Belen cutoff between Vaughn and Abo Canyon in New Mexico.   Videotaped in the fall of 1993.     115 minutes.

Price: $34.95

Mainstreet of the Midwest

Come with us as we experience 24 hours of action in the fall of 1993 on Conrail's busiest line across northern Indiana.  Videotaped around Waterloo where the lighting at the Amtrak stop makes for excellent night viewing.  See Conrail's intermodal fleets meet during the night.  116 minutes.

Price: $34.95

The Immensity of It All II

See 24 hours of action in April of 1994 on the busiest line for freight in the world - The Union Pacific between North Platte and O'Fallons with 100 trains in 24 hours.  No train was missed.  This is a sequel to our first tape on the UP in Nebraska. Two tape set.  3 hours, 40 minutes.

Price: $44.95

Burlington Northern's Funnel

See 24 hours of action in May of 1994 on one of the busiest single track lines in the country - the BN's Funnel between Spokane, WA, and Sandpoint, ID.  All of the BN & MRL transcontinental traffic runs on this high speed line.  No train was missed.  86 minutes.  This DVD sells for $32.95 plus $5 for S&H.

Price: $32.95

Fraser River Canyon - BC Rail

See 24 hours of action in May of 1994 on BC Rail around Lillooet as trains climb in and out of the Fraser River Canyon.   BC Rail runs 10,000 ton trains up 2.2% grades with slave units and pushers in some of the most awesome scenery anywhere.  49 minutes.  This is not a new program.  It was converted to DVD from an older program videotaped in Hi8 in 1994.  Although the picture quality is not as good as that in our newer programs, the same approach to showing all of the trains and including a lot of information on operations and history was used in this program.

Price: $28.95

Fraser River Canyon - CN & CP

See 24 hrs. of action on the CP and 16 hrs. of action on the CN in one of the seven railfan wonders of the world - the Fraser & Thompson River Canyons.  50 trains run through this canyon in 24 hrs.  Videotaped in May of 1994.  106 minutes.

Price: $34.96

NS Across Northern Indiana

This tape covers nearly 30 hrs. of action near Argos, IN, on Norfolk Southern's line from Fort Wayne to Chicago in Aug. of 1994.  Traffic on this line has grown from 3 or 4 trains to 15 trains each way per day in the last 12 years. 86 minutes.

Price: $32.95

SP's Kansas Funnel

See 24 hrs. of action in Oct. of 1994 on the former RI east of Herington, KS, where the Golden State and Central Corridor (former DRG&W) trains come together.  With the new ore trains, SP traffic was at its peak.  New and leased power was running on many of the trains.  65 minutes. 

Price: $30.95

Northeast Corridor At Speed

See all the trains on the Northeast Corridor at Newark, DE, from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm at speeds up to 125 mph in Aug. of 1994.  Every Amtrak train was taped in at least one direction, also CR trains and even a circus train.  67 minutes.

Price: $30.95