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Video Format Rail-Line State

Thunder on the Airline

The former Santa Fe, now BNSF, route between Chicago and Kansas City has long been known as the Airline because it is the straightest and fastest rail line between those two rail centers.  No other railroad has such an fleet of hot trains.  This tape shows 24 hours of awesome action on the airline in Sept. 1997 east of Fort Madison in west central Illinois.  83 minutes. 

Price: $32.95

CSX and IC at Odin, Illinois

The small town of Odin, 66 miles east of St. Louis, retains its old time railroad flavor.  Odin is where the Illinois Central's main line via Centralia crosses CSX's former B&O line to St. Louis.  The number of trains through Odin has grown recently and changes are coming on CSX.  This video shows all of the trains through Odin for 24 hours in the fall of 1997.  98 minutes. 

Price: $30.95

CSX North Florida Funnel

All CSX freights from the Midwest and Northeast bound for Florida take the funnel in northern Florida between Folkston, GA and Callahan, FL to reach Jacksonville and the rest of Florida.  All Amtrak trains from the Northeast take this funnel also.  Up to 55 trains on peak days use this track, one of the busiest line segments  on CSX.  This video shows 24 hours of action in the fall of 1997 on CSX's North Florida Funnel.  103 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

Union Pacific Sunset Route in West Texas

The busy former SP Sunset Route has been the property of the UP since September 1996.  This video shows 30 hours of action around Sierra Blanca in West Texas where the former Texas & Pacific line joined the Sunset Route, along with a couple of trains on Paisano Pass in April 1998 when this part of the Sunset Route was severely congested.  This video gives an unintended look at how a busy rail line can become gridlocked when power and crews are in short supply.  80 minutes. 

Price: $30.95

BNSF Around Lincoln, Nebraska

With over 70 freights in 24 hours, Lincoln is one of BNSF's busiest terminals.  This video shows action in March of 1998 at both ends of Lincoln's Hobson Yard, daylight action on the Kansas City line centered around Firth Hill, and then nearly 24 hours of action on the Chicago line between Lincoln and Ashland.  All BNSF color schemes are shown including new Heritage scheme SD70MACs.  154 minutes. 

Price: $38.95

The Road to New Orleans II - CSX and NS

This video shows action on the two rail lines that run into New Orleans from the east - CSX and Norfolk Southern.  First is 24 hours of action on the busiest rail line into New Orleans, CSX, shot around Pass Christian, MS, and then 24 hours on NS north of Hattiesburg, MS.  CSX hugs the Coast and has the water crossings but the NS line into New Orleans is anything but level and straight for their long trains to traverse in northern Mississippi.  86 minutes. 

Price: $32.95

Thunder on the Gallup Sub

For fans who like to see the high cars rolling at speed, there is no better place to be than along the former Santa Fe main line in northern New Mexico.  This video shows 24 hours of action on the Gallup sub between Belen and Gallup in April 1998, during one of the last El Nino storms.  BNSF's incredible fleet of hotshots led by warbonnets and Heritage units charges uphill and downhill across the Continental Divide.  106 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

24 Hours at Gibbon Junction

Gibbon, NE, 175 miles west of Omaha on the UP main, is the location of one of the World's great rail junctions.  More tonnage passes through Gibbon than any junction in the World.  Gibbon averages nearly 120 trains in 24 hours.  This video shows 24 hours af action around Gibbon in May of 1998, at a time when the UP's operations through there were near gridlock, and many trains needed recrews.  Three DVD, two tape set.  Four Hours. 

Price: $50.95

24 Hours at Berea - Crossroads of Conrail

Berea, Ohio, 12 miles west of Cleveland, is where Conrail's main lines between Chicago and Philadelphia, and New York and St. Louis cross.  With up to 80 trains in 24 hours, this well-known railfan hotspot is the busiest single point on Conrail.  This video shows 26 hours of awesome action in May of 1998, in Conrail's last year of existence.  Three DVD, two tape set, 4 hours, 10 minutes. 

Price: $50.95

Conrail's Spectacular River Line

With high bridges, tunnels, miles of river running, and scenic overlooks, Conrail's River Line along the Hudson between northern New Jersey and Selkirk is arguably the most scenic rail line in the East.  And the number of trains has tripled in the past 30 years.  This video shows many of the scenic highlights and then all the trains for 24 hours in August 1998.  103 minutes. 

Price: $32.95