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Video Format Rail-Line State

Thunder on the Seligman Sub

This video shows BNSF trains at the dip west of Winslow, Canyon Diablo, Darling, and Flagstaff, and then 24 hours of incredible action between Williams Jct. and Supai Summit in April 1999.  BNSF's Seligman Sub hosts more intermodal trains than any rail line in the world.  Two DVD/two tape set.  181 minutes. 

Price: $44.95

The Trains of Tehachapi 1999

This video shows the trains on what has been called the busiest single tracked mountain rail line in this country.  BNSF with its rainbow of colors has replaced the Santa Fe, and UP has replaced the SP.  We caught trains at most of the well known spots including Caliente, Bealville, Tehachapi, and the loop.  This tape shows all the trains for over 24 hrs. on this engineering marvel known as Tehachapi in April of 1999.  141 minutes.  Two DVD/one tape set. 

Price: $38.95

The Trains of Cajon Pass 1999

This video shows the trains and drama of mountain railroading at one of the most awesome places to watch trains - Cajon Pass.  With as many as 80 trains in 24 hours, this is certainly one of the seven wonders of the railfan world.  BNSF recently replaced the Santa Fe and the UP replaced the SP.  First is action at many of the scenic highlights on Cajon, then 24 hours of action on the joint BNSF-UP line between Verdemont and Hesperia in April 1999.  Three DVD/Two Tape Set.  Four hours, 8 minutes.

Price: $50.95

Union Pacific in Eastern Nevada

The Union Pacific today has two main lines across eastern Nevada that run from Odgen and Salt Lake City to northern California.  The northernmost line out of Ogden is the former Southern Pacific's Overland Route, and the other line is the former Western Pacific main line.  Tthese lines are an integral part of the Union Pacific's Central Corridor between the Midwest and northern California, and BNSF has overhead rights on the former Western Pacific line across northern Nevada.  This video shows all of the action for 24 hours in May of 1999 on both lines through the Pequops and around the junction at Alazon where the famous paired track operation began.  78 minutes. 

Price: $32.95

The Trains of Beaumont Hill 1999

Beaumont Hill, with long, nearly 2.0% grades on both sides, is part of the historic Southern Pacific, now Union Pacific Sunset Route.  Today, UP, SP, and CNW power is mixed on The Hill, and the UP uses manned helpers on many of the heavy stack and manifest trains over Beaumont.  Recently several new hot "Z" trains were added to the Sunset Route, and additional trains moved off of the Central Corridor to the Sunset and Golden State Routes over Beaumont Hill.  This video shows all of the trains for a day and a half between Redlands and West Palm Springs in late April of 1999 when Beaumont Hill was seeing the most freight trains in its long and storied history.  Two DVD/one tape set. 

Price: $40.95

The Cheetah & the Thoroughbred, Part II - NS Chicago Lines

Part II of "The Cheetah and the Thoroughbred" shows the trains and operations in northern Indiana on both on Norfolk Southern's main lines into Chicago from the east - the former Conrail Chicago Line on Otis Hill between South Bend and Porter, and NS's original main line from Fort Wayne to Chicago, around Hobart, IN.  The power was a rainbow of colors also.  Seven weeks after "day one", we caught over 24 hours of awesome action on each of these busy lines into Chicago. Three DVD/ Two tape Set.  Three Hours, 51 Minutes. 

Price: $50.95

The Cheetah & the Thoroughbred, Part I - CSX's New Expressway

On 6/1/99, CSX and NS split up Conrail.  The greatest change took place on the newly double tracked CSX main line across Ohio and Indiana.  Overnight the number of freight trains on their "New Expressway" went from around 25 a day to 50.  We caught over 24 hours of awesome action in late July of 1999 on CSX's New Expressway at Milford Junction in northern Indiana, 113 miles east of Chicago.  There the former CR branch, now owned by NS, crosses the CSX main at grade.  141 minutes. 

Price: $38.95

Norfolk Southern's Automotive Artery

Norfolk Southern's main line from Detroit to Kansas City handles more autos and auto parts than any other line in the Midwest.  And with the Conrail split this former Wabash line has taken on a new role as a key part of NS's main line from the East to St. Louis and Kansas City.  RoadRailers, auto trains, intermodal, and manifest trains - this line has them all.  This video shows over 24 hrs. of action on the busiest part of NS's automotive artery east of Decatur, IL, in late July 1999.  100 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

Haley Tower Farewell

Haley Tower in Terre Haute, Indiana, guards the crossing of CSX's Chicago to Nashville main and CSX's former Conrail St. Louis Line.  Haley closed on 10/22/99.   This video shows 24 hours of action in and around Haley on October 1st, 1999, three weeks before Haley closed.  Over 40 CSX and CP trains a day pass by this busy interlocking.  Two hours, 19 minutes. 

Price: $38.95

Kansas City Southern 1999

This video shows the trains and operations on the three busiest KCS lines into their hub at Shreveport, LA.  First is a day and a half of action on the KC line around Rich Mountain, AR, then 24 hours of action east of Shreveport on the busy former MidSouth line to Meridian.  Finally this video shows 24 hours of action south of Shreveport on the Beaumont line, part of KCS's route to Mexico.  128 minutes. 

Price: $36.95