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Video Format Rail-Line State

BNSF Around Curtis Hill

The steepest grade east of Amarillo on the former Santa Fe, now BNSF main line is the 12 mile, 1% climb for westbounds out of the Cimarron valley in western Oklahoma, near Waynoka.  Westbounds growl uphill in run 8 and scream downhill and across the flat prairie at 70 per.  This video shows 24 hours of incredible action on Curtis Hill in September of 1996.  109 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

A Last Look at SP's Golden State Route

The number of trains on SP's Golden State Route has grown dramatically in recent years.  This tape shows 24 hours of action west of Topeka, KS where Central Corridor trains can be seen and then 24 hours of action between Pratt and Liberal, KS where intermodal trains from Chicago off of BNSF at Hutchinson can be seen, in Sept. 1996, when operations were still pure SP.  79 minutes. 

Price: $32.95

NS and IC at Tolono, Illinois

At Tolono in east central Illinois, the mainline of the Illinois Central from Chicago to Memphis crosses the Detroit and Fort Wayne to St. Louis and Kansas City main line of Norfolk Southern.  Amtrak, two mile long drags, auto and intermodal hotshots, and RoadRailers hammer the diamonds at Tolono, and this tape shows them all for 24 hours in Sept. 1996.  108 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

BNSF South of La Crosse, WI

This tape shows 24 hours of fast paced action on the former CB&Q, now BNSF speedway along the Mississippi River, south of La Crosse in Sept. 1996.  Nearly 40 trains a day, including CN overhead rights trains, and a couple of BNSF trains behind C44-9W's in the new pumkin paint scheme, keep the rails along the Mississippi polished. 70 minutes.

Price: $30.95

Alliance, OH - Conrail Hot Spot

Alliance, OH, 83 miles northwest of Pittsburgh and 57 miles south of Cleveland, is one of Conrail's most important junctions.  Trains from Pittsburgh head north to Cleveland and Chicago or west on the former Pennsy main line towards St. Louis.  This tape shows 24 hrs. of action at Alliance in April of 1997.  155 minutes. 

Price: $36.95

The Trains of the Rathole

Norfolk Southern's Rathole between Danville and Oakdale, Kentucky is one of the best known and storied lines in the U.S.  This line is a funnel for trains between the Midwest and South and is the second busiest line on NS.  We caught all of the trains on the Rathole for 24 hrs. around Burnside and on the huge cuts on Greenwood Hill in April 1997.  119 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

CR and UP Around St. Elmo, IL

St. Elmo in southern Illinois is where CR's St. Louis line crosses UP's Chicago to Texas line.  Conrail and the UP then run side by side east of St. Elmo.  Run-through trains are interchanged here also.  This video shows all the trains between St. Elmo and Altamont for 24 hrs. in May of 1997.  92 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

Conrail and GTW at South Bend, IN

At South Bend, IN, Conrail's Chicago Line crosses the Grand Trunk Western main line.  CR's Chicago Line is its busiest.  The semi-autonomous GTW is slowly becoming part of the CN.  100 trains roll through the new track alignment at S. Bend in 24 hrs.  This tape shows all of the incredible action for 24 hrs. at South Bend in May 1997.  Two tape/ 3 DVD set.  3 hours, 45 minutes. 

Price: $50.95

The Trains of Northern New England - 1997

This video shows what became of the B&M, MEC, CV, Rutland, and much more. All of the larger railroads in VT, NH, and ME - the New England Central, Guilford's Springfield Terminal which operates the former MEC and B&M, Iron Road's Bangor and Aroostook and Canadian American, Vermont Railway, St. Lawrence & Atlantic, and Green Mountain are covered in this epic video, including 24 hrs. at several points, in early 1997, when there was up to 30 inches of snow on the ground. 160 minutes. 

Price: $40.95

Wisconsin Central 1997

This new tape concentrates on WC operations north of Stevens Point and on changes since our last look at the WC in 1995. This tape shows trains around Neenah, on the Bradley sub across northern Wisconsin, the new trackage around Escanaba including the ore line, the line to East Winona, and on the busy Minneapolis and Superior subs in May 1997. It concludes with 24 hrs. of action around Junction City.   2 hours, 23 minutes.

Price: $36.95