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Below is a listing of all of our products. When using the search function, hold CTRL to select multiple railroads or states. Contact us directly about discounts available for dealers, stores, and historical societies.

Video Format Rail-Line State

The Show Along U.S. 30

The UP between Gibbon and O'Fallons in Nebraska carries the most tonnage of any rail line in the world.    U.S. 30 runs alongside this line which was featured in the November. 1995 Trains.  DPU trains, new AC's - they're all on this tape which shows the 130 trains that were seen east of North Platte in 25 hours in May of 1996.  4 hours, 6 minutes.  Three disk DVD-R set, two VHS tape set. 

Price: $50.95

UP Between Longview and Marshall

All UP trains from St. Louis, Memphis, and Chicago to Dallas and Houston run on the same track between Longview and Marshall in northeast Texas.  This Texas corridor is the UP's second busiest corridor and sees much of the UP's older power and many leased units.  This tape shows all of the intermodal, auto, and chemical trains between Longview and Marshall for 24 hours in May of 1996.  65 minutes. 

Price: $30.95

The Road to New Orleans I - UP and SP

This tape shows the operations on both railroads that come into New Orleans from the west - the UP and SP.  All trains on both roads are shown for 24 hrs. in May 1996.  The UP was shot around Donaldsonville and the SP between Schriever and Lafayette, LA.  This is the land of container and chemical trains, and plenty of older power.  76 minutes. 

Price: $30.95

Cartersville, GA - CSX Hot Spot

Cartersville, 50 miles north of Atlanta, is where the CSX lines from Nashville and Cincinnati join together.  This single track funnel is one of CSX's busiest lines and one of the most congested in the U.S.  This tape shows 24 hrs. of action around Cartersville in April 1996.  112 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

Austell, Georgia - NS Hot Spot

With over 55 trains in 24 hours on peak days, the 14 miles between Austell, west of Atlanta, and Inman Yard in Atlanta is the busiest line segment on the whole NS system.  At Austell the NS lines to Chattanooga and Birmingham divide.  We caught all of the NS action around Austell for 24 hours in April 1996.  2 hours, 39 minutes. 

Price: $38.95

BNSF Sandhills Coal Conveyor

This tape show 24 hours of action in May 1996 on BNSF's central coal corridor around Broken Bow, Nebraska on the edge of the sandhills.  Most of the  50 trains a day on this line are coal trains from the Powder River Basin with nearly half of them pulled by SD70MAC's.  146 minutes. 

Price: $36.95

Conrail's Harrisburg Line

The section of CR's Harrisburg Line between Harrisburg and Reading is CR's busiest line in the East with 55 trains on peak days and is part of their high clearance route for stacks across PA.  This tape shows 24 hrs. of action on the former Reading around Myerstown, PA, between Reading and Harrisburg, in August 1996.  94 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

The East End - CSX Along the Potomac

This tape shows the contemporary operations on one of the most historic lines in this country, the East End Subdivision of the former B&O.  Now known as CSX's Cumberland sub, this line is still one of the busiest on CSX. This tape shows 24 hrs. of CSX action in August 1996 along the Potomac around Hancock, WV, midway between Brunswick and Cumberland.  69 minutes. 

Price: $30.95

CSX and NS at Attica Junction

This tape show 24 hours of action in Sept. 1996 at Attica Jct. in northern Ohio, where Norfolk Southern's north-south main line between Bellevue and Columbus crosses CSX's main line between the East Coast and Chicago, the former B&O.  The number of trains on both lines has grown in recent years, and the tonnage is at an all time high.  112 minutes.

Price: $34.95

A Last Look at the Cotton Belt

This video shows the trains of the Cotton Belt, long part of the SP, on both sides of their hub at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, in Sept. 1996.  This video shows 24 hours of SP trains from East St. Louis and Memphis around the junction with the Memphis line at Brinkley, and 24 hrs. of action south of Pine Bluff where the Houston line diverges at Lewisville, when operations were still pure SP.  92 minutes. 

Price: $34.95