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Video Format Rail-Line State

The Trains of Horseshoe Curve

What railfan has not heard of Conrail's Horseshoe Curve, six miles west of Altoona, PA.  This video shows trains at Altoona, the top of the Hill, the Curve itself, and then all the trains that run around the Curve for 24 hours on the more accessible West Slope west of Cresson.  Six or more helper sets are in use at once.  All scenes were shot in July 1998, in CR's last months as an independent railroad.  Two DVD, two tape set.  3 hours, 25 minutes. 

Price: $46.95

Norfolk Southern's Chicago District

Once part of the Nickel Plate, traffic on NS's busy Chicago District from Fort Wayne to Chicago has quadrupled since the NS merger.  This video shows 28 hours of action in May of 1998 around Hobart in northwest Indiana where NS's two main lines from Fort Wayne come together.  Great changes are coming to this track after the Conrail split.  100 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

Deshler, Ohio - Crossroads of CSX

The small town of Deshler in Northwest Ohio is where the Philadelphia to Chicago and Detroit to Cincinnati main lines of CSX cross at grade.  Once known as the Crossroads of the B&O, Deshler is even more important to CSX.  50 trains a day pour through Deshler with even more after the split of Conrail.  This video shows 24 hours of action at Deshler in May of 1998 before the CR split.  3 Hours, 30 minutes.  Two disk DVD, two tape VHS set.

Price: $44.95

Illinois Central 1998

This video gives a look at the trains and operations on the mid-section of the Illinois Central in May of 1998.  First is nearly 24 hours of trains on the Edgewood Cutoff in Southern Illinois, then action around Fulton, KY, the physical heart of the old IC, and finally 24 hours of action south of Memphis, TN on the IC's busiest freight line - the Yazoo District.  90 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

Conrail's Southern Tier Line

Conrail's Southern Tier Line across New York is one of Conrail's most railfanned lines.  From Portage to Starrucca, this video shows the scenery, semaphores, and trains of Conrail and its tenants - the St. Lawrence & Hudson, and Susquehanna in December of 1998, just before NS took control of the Southern Tier.  This video also includes scenes around Binghamton, the railfan capital of the Southern Tier, and 24 hours of action west of Binghamton.  69 minutes. 

Price: $30.95

The Trains of Atlantic Canada

Canada's railroads recently began spinning off branch and secondary main lines just as railroads in the States had done a decade earlier. This video shows the trains and operations on the new regional railroads and main lines in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the fall of 1998, including the Windsor and Hantsport, Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia, New Brunswick East Coast, and New Brunswick Southern. Then Canadian National action is shown around Halifax and Moncton, concluding with 24 hours of action on the CN in the scenic high bridge country in northwestern New Brunswick. 122 minutes. Two DVD-R, one tape set.

Price: $36.95

The Trains of Sand Patch Grade

The rural character and spectacular action and scenery make the legendary Sand Patch grade in southwestern Pennsylvania one of the better known and most visited railfan hot spots in the East.  This videotape shows all CSX and Amtrak trains for 32 hours on the heart of Sand Patch grade between Hyndman and Garrett in December of 1998.  135 minutes. 

Price: $36.95

The Iron Highway and the Corridor

This video takes a look at the trains and operations in September of 1998 on the main lines of the CN and CP between Montreal and Toronto.  First is 24 hours of action on the CP's St. Lawrence & Hudson subsidiary east of Smiths Falls, a.k.a "The Iron Highway, for their new Iron Highway intermodal trains, then we show 24 hours of action on the CN and Via Corridor east of Belleville, eastern Canada's busiest rail line.  132 minutes. 

Price: $38.95

Norfolk Southern's Piedmont Main

This video showcases the trains on the historic former Southern Railway Washington to Atlanta main line south of Danville, VA, in North Carolina's Piedmont region.  NS freight traffic on this line is at its highest level in 40 years.  This video shows over 24 hours of action on NS's Piedmont Division main line in November of 1998.  53 minutes. 

Price: $28.95

Doswell, Virginia - CSX Hot Spot

At Doswell, the only crossing at grade on the former RF&P, the CSX main line crosses a former C&O line now used by empty CSX coal trains.  The number of CSX & Amtrak trains there is the highest it has been in 40 years.  This video shows 24 hours of action at Doswell in November of 1998.  116 minutes. 

Price: $34.95