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Video Format Rail-Line State

Fostoria, OH, Part I - Dawn to Dusk

Fostoria, OH, Part I shows all of the incredible action at Fostoria in northern Ohio for 12 daylight hours in May of 2000.   The Conrail split has brought more trains and congestion to Fostoria - as many as 115 trains in 24 hours, making Fostoria the busiest spot for freight trains east of Chicago.  At Fostoria three main lines cross at grade - CSX's former C&O Toledo to Columbus line, CSX's former B&O Chicago line, and Norfolk Southern's former Nickel Plate Buffalo to Chicago line.   159 minutes.  2 DVD-R, 1 tape set

Price: $36.95

Fostoria, Part I & II - save by buying both at the same time

Buy Fostoria, OH Parts I and II at the same time, DVD = $59.95,

VHS =$49.95 for a savings of $14

Price: $59.95

Marion - Ohio's Trainwatching Capital

When the main lines of four railroads crossed at Marion in the 1970's, fans there called their town "The Trainwatching Capital of Ohio".  Today three busy lines of CSX and Norfolk Southern still cross at grade in Marion and with the Conrail split, the number of trains is nearly as many as in 1970.  The busiest line in Marion today is the NS line from Columbus to Bellevue which crosses CSX's Toledo to Columbus line and the former Conrail Indianapolis Line from Cleveland to St. Louis, now owned by CSX.  This video shows all the NS and CSX trains through Marion for 24 hours in August of 2000.  Three DVD, two tape set.  Four hours, 10 minutes. 

Price: $50.95

Norfolk Southern Around Pittsburgh

Norfolk Southern's former Conrail main line between Pittsburgh, PA and Conway Yard once carried the heaviest tonnage of any rail line in the U.S.  Today this line hosts nearly 70 freight and Amtrak trains.  This video shows 24 hours of action between CP Bell, five miles west of downtown Pittsburgh, and Conway Yard, in August of 2000, and gives a spectacular look at NS's operations east of Conway Yard 15 months after Conrail was split up.  160 minutes.  2 DVD-R, 1 tape set

Price: $40.95

Newtonville, Ontario - Canadian Hot Spot

Around Newtonville, 55 miles east of Toronto, the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific main lines between Montreal and Toronto run nearly side by side for many miles.  Many wooden bridges allow neat views of CP's Expressway trains, 2 mile long freights on CN, and Via's 100 mph speedsters.  This video shows 24 hours of action in August, 2000 on the CP main and then 24 hours of CN and Via action on Canada's only passenger corridor.  See why this neat place was featured as a "hot spot" in Trains Magazine.  152 minutes.  2 DVD-R, 1 tape set.

Price: $40.95

Durand - Michigan Hot Spot

Durand is the spiritual heart of the Grand Trunk Western, now Canadian National.  CN's Toronto and Detroit to Chicago lines join at Durand, and two short lines, Central Michigan and TSBY also run trains into and out of Durand.  This video shows 24 hours of action including the new RoadRailers at Durand in November of 2000.  More freight trains run through Durand today than anytime since World War  II.  143 minutes.  2 DVD-R, 1 tape set.

Price: $38.95

CSX's "A" Line Speedway in the Carolinas

The former ACL main line from Richmond, VA to Jacksonville, known as the "A" Line, is the busiest and fastest route between the Northeast and Florida for both passengers and freight trains.  This video shows a day and a half of action on the "A" Line between Dillon, SC and Pembroke, NC in October, 2000 and on secondary CSX lines that cross the "A" Line at Dillon and Pembroke.  69 minutes. 

Price: $30.95

Wings Across Iowa

Since the Union Pacific took over the Northwestern in 1995 the number of trains on the former CNW main across Iowa has grown 50%.  Recently the UP restored the wings that used to adorn their passenger locomotives to the front of their new SD70M's.  These new units make quite a sight on the head end of UP's hot "I" and "Z" intermodal trains.  This video shows over 24 hours of action on UP's Clinton sub in eastern IA in November of 2000.  157 minutes.  2 DVD-R, 1 tape set.

Price: $40.95

The Road to Memphis I - BNSF's Thayer Sub

Turrell, AR may be a small village in the Mississippi Delta, just west of Memphis, but to railfans this tiny town is where BNSF's former Frisco River Line from St. Louis joins the Thayer Sub from Springfield.  The traffic through Turrell has grown recently and BNSF trains in their many colors charge across the Delta at 60 per.  This video shows over 24 hours of action around Turrell in October of 2000.  92 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

CSX-NS North Alabama Joint Line

For 32 miles between Wauhatchie, west of Chattanooga, TN and Stevenson, AL, NS's Chattanooga to Memphis main line has trackage rights on CSX's Nashville to Atlanta main.  This video shows over 24 hours of action on this busy line between Bridgeport and Stevenson, and one train on Raccoon Mountain in Oct. of 2000.  92 minutes. 

Price: $34.95