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Below is a listing of all of our products. When using the search function, hold CTRL to select multiple railroads or states. Contact us directly about discounts available for dealers, stores, and historical societies.

Video Format Rail-Line State

Amqui, TN - CSX Hot Spot

At Amqui, north of Nashville, the lines from Nashville to Louisville and Evansville divide.  CSX averages over 40 intermodal, grain, coal, and manifest trains a day behind their biggest power through Amqui.  This tape shows over 24 hours of action through Amqui in May of 1995.  113 minutes.

Price: $34.95

CSX Around Rocky Mount, NC

Rocky Mount, NC is 235 miles south of Washington, D.C. on the former ACL main line between New York and Florida that hosts Amtrak's Florida trains.  This tape shows CSX and Amtrak action in April, 1995 on both sides of  Rocky Mount concluding with 24 hrs. of action  south of Rocky Mount.  69 minutes.

Price: $30.95

Conrail at Oak Harbor, Ohio

This videotape shows 24 hrs. of action in Nov. of 1994 on the busiest line for freight in the east - CR's main line thru Oak Harbor.  On peak days, CR runs 60 trains in 24 hrs. including  Amtrak.  The NS Detroit to Toledo line crosses over CR and we got their daylight trains also.  114 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

NS East of Bluefield

The former N&W line in the Appalachians between Bluefield, WV and Roanoke runs some of the heaviest trains in the U.S.  This videotape shows 24 hours of NS action in April, 1995 from Narrows to Kellysville where all trains bound for   Roanoke run on the same tracks. 111 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

IC Around Edgewood, Illinois

This tape shows the IC's operations for nearly 24 hrs. on their main line and cut-off around Edgewood in southern Illinois plus action on the main line north of Cairo in May of 1995.  IC is the most profitable RR in the U.S. and has undergone many changes in the last few years.  66 minutes. 

Price: $30.95

Stacks on the Middle Division

In Sept., 1995, a $100mm clearance project was completed on the former Pennsy Middle Division  and double stacks began to flow over that line, now known as Conrail's Pittsburgh Line.  This tape show 24 hours of action on this once four track line at Newport, PA., 28 rail miles west of Harrisburg, 2 weeks later.  96 minutes. 

Price: $34.95

Conrail and NS at Silver Creek

Silver Creek, NY, 30 miles west of Buffalo, is one of the best known railfan hot spots in the East.  Conrail and Norfolk Southern run side by side through there.  This tape shows 24 hrs. of action at Silver Creek in Sept 1995, when the number of trains was peaking on both railroads.  2 hours, 16 minutes. 

Price: $38.95

Santa Fe South of Temple, TX

The Santa Fe in Texas has an unhurried pace and more early Geep's compared to the transcontinental line.  Temple is where the line from the West Coast connects with the Kansas City to Houston main.  This tape shows over 30 hrs. of action south of Temple on the Santa Fe's busiest line in Texas, in Oct. 1995, when operations were still pure Santa Fe.  65 minutes. 

Price: $28.95

SF-NS Joint Track East of K.C."

30 miles east of Kansas City, the Santa Fe and Norfolk Southern share their track for a distance of thirty miles.  SP also recently began running their trains to Chicago on this line.  This joint track is the busiest part of the SF's high speed steel freeway between Chicago and Kansas City.  This tape shows 25 hours of action on the joint track in October 1995 when Santa Fe operations were still pure Santa Fe.  128 minutes. 

Price: $36.95

The Joint Line - BN & CP at Newport

The former CB&Q - Milw, now BN - CP joint line south of St. Paul, Minnesota, hosts over 60 BN, CP, CN, and Amtrak trains in 24 hours and is one of the best spots to watch trains in the upper Midwest.  See over 24 hours of action around Newport, Minnesota on The Joint Line in June of 1995.   2 DVD/ 1 tape set.  2 Hours, 20 minutes. 

Price: $38.95